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Walt Disney World Navigating tips driving Epcot Magic Kingdom Resorts

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Let’s face it. Navigating your way around the Walt Disney World resort can be challenging. And even if the traffic doesn’t get you, the walking might.

Tram services from the parking lots to the front of the parks or the main entrance to the Ticket and Transportation Center are still not running.

So, in advance of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, we thought we’d share a little expertise on navigating in and around the property.

The ferry boats from the Magic Kingdom to the Ticket and Transportation Center offer your quickest escape at the end of a long day of making magic with Mickey.

Take the ferry out of the Magic Kingdom

When leaving Magic Kingdom at the end of the night, the line for the monorail usually looks massive, as does the line for the ferry boats. That’s because the line for the monorail is massive. But the line for the ferry boats can be deceiving, as about half that crowd are resort guests headed to catch a bus. The ferries also can move 600 people at a time in an open air setting, so its safer during a pandemic. The ferry boats only take six minutes to cross the Seven Seas Lagoon to get you back to the ticket and transportation center. So rather than wait huddled with the sweaty masses for the monorail, try the ferry and get back you to your car quickly.